Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Above The Fray - Four Soundtracks

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Above The Fray - Four Soundtracks

I'm presently working as a music supervisor for a film that takes place in the mid 1970s. In part a road trip movie, the narrative follows a couple across a sepia toned United States as they make their way to the coast of Los Angeles. To mention anything more just yet would spoil the fun, save to say that Elvis is involved. As are handguns. Thinking about this project, I've had soundtracks and scores on the brain the past few months. The ones that simply work, and ones that work exceptionally well.

This week's Spotify playlist highlights four that fall into the latter category, kicking off with 1969's "Easy Rider." In terms of 'road trip' movies, this one sits at the head of the table. It's exploration of contemporary counter-culture is (obviously) reflected in the music, and unlike some of it's peers, the soundtrack to "Easy Rider" has aged with incredible grace -- a testament to both it's curation and the quality of the music therein. Up next is Wes Anderson's "Rushmore" -- an eclectic, quirky, batch of songs that pulls from various decades, while aiding and abetting composer Mark Mothersbaugh's score. Released in 1999, among other things, the film served as an ambassador to a whole new generation learning to love the UK garage blast that is the Creation. Up next: "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me." A lot of critics panned this film upon its release on the big screen in 1992. To that I say, their loss. Like the soundtrack companion to the Frost/Lynch television series, the music of "Fire Walk With Me" is a surreal blend of the sacred and profane. Darkness and light. Good and evil. Finally, we close with "Paris, Texas" -- filmmaker Wim Wenders 1984 opus. Wenders tapped guitar savant Ry Cooder to score the film -- an insired move that produced brliiant results. Texas hardpan guitar meditations.


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