Crazy In Love: Valentine’s Day Playlist

Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Crazy In Love: Valentine’s Day Playlist

If there’s any day of the year when it’s appropriate to deem one’s self to be crazy in love, then it surely must be February 14. As it just so happens to be that very day today – and isn’t that quite the coincidence, eh? – we here at Rhino thought it would be a swell time to offer up a Valentine’s Day playlist which bears that very title.

The “Crazy In Love” playlist features plenty of names that should catch the eye of anyone who regularly listens to the radio, but lest you feel like you’re clicking on this thing completely blind (or deaf, if you want to cite the more appropriate sense in this instance), we’re happy to call out a few of the folks who are included in the mix, just for the sake of specificity:

  • Bee Gees, “How Deep Is Your Love”
  • Chicago, “You’re The Inspiration”
  • Donna Lewis, “I Love You Always Forever”
  • Eagles, “Best Of My Love”
  • Fleetwood Mac, “You Make Loving Fun”
  • Foreigner, “I Want To Know What Love Is”
  • INXS, “Beautiful Girl”
  • James Blunt, “You’re Beautiful”
  • Madonna, “Crazy For You”
  • Prince, “Nothing Compares 2 U”

There you go, that’s 10 – count ‘em – 10 of the songs that are included on our “Crazy In Love” playlist, and if you don’t love the majority of those tracks, well, you’re crazy. (See what we did there?) But, hey, even if that should happen to be the case, don’t worry, there are still 50 more songs waiting for you, and we have to believe that you’ll like the majority of those tracks…and if you don’t, then why are you hanging out here at in the first place? That’s good stuff!

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