Digital Roundup: 10/26/2015

Monday, October 26, 2015
Digital Roundup: 10/26/2015

New this week in the Rhino Room at iTunes:

John Anderson, Wild and Blue: Since releasing his self-titled debut album in 1980, John Anderson has earned five #1 hits on the Billboard Country Singles chart, but only in one instance did he released an album that featured two #1 hits, and—you guessed it—that album was Wild and Blue. The songs in question were the title track and “Swingin’,” with the latter track also providing Anderson with his only appearance to date on the Billboard Hot 100. (It hit #43.) In addition to the two chart-toppers, Anderson earned an additional major country hit from the album, with “Goin’ Down Hill” making it to #5. While we wouldn’t necessarily say that this is the one absolute must-own in Anderson’s discography—with 22 studio albums in his back catalog, there’s a lot of competition — Wild and Blue is certainly in contention for the title, so we’re sure that country fans are pleased as we are that it’s made the jump into our digital catalog.

Bruce McCulloch, Shame Based Man: Although he’s best known as a member of Kids in the Hall and has been recently earning acclaim for his semi-autobiographical sitcom Young Drunk Punk, which airs on Canada’s City network, Bruce McCulloch parlayed his TV success into a record deal with Atlantic Records which resulted in the release of the 1995 album Shame Based Man. It is, with all due respect, very much an acquired taste, but if your comedic sensibilities are—like McCulloch’s—more than a little bit off center, then you might find yourself falling in love with such tracks as “Doors,” “Daves I Know,” and “Vigil.” Kids fans should definitely at least give it a spin.