Happy Birthday, Phil Selway

Friday, May 23, 2014
Happy Birthday, Phil Selway

Attention, Harry Potter fans: Orsino Thruston, drummer for The Weird Sisters, turns 47 years old today…and, in a related story, so does Phil Selway, the drummer for Radiohead. Actually, come to think of it, we don’t really know for sure that Thruston shares his birthday with the actor who played him in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, so maybe we should shift the focus strictly to Selway, just to play it safe.

Born in Berkshire, England in 1967, Selway has been a mainstay of Radiohead since the very beginning, barring a brief period in the very earliest days of the band, but since they weren’t even called Radiohead yet at the time, we probably shouldn’t even count that. His skills behind the drum kit and his ability to shift between dramatically different styles has been immeasurably helpful with the band’s sonic evolution over the course of its career to date, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that he’s got a bit of a musical career outside of Radiohead as well.

For one thing, Selway’s been a part of Neil Finn’s musical collective, 7 Worlds Collide, not only touring with the group but also appearing on their studio album, 2009’s The Sun Came Out. Arguably more worthy of your notice, however, if only because it’s a project that 100% his, Selway also put out a solo album, Familial, in 2010, and if you like the feel of Radiohead’s music but prefer your song structures a bit more traditional, then you’ll really dig it.

We’ve put together a playlist to celebrate Selway’s birthday, and while it’s understandably heavy on Radiohead material, we’ve made a point of throwing some tracks from Familial in as well, since it’s an album that really ought to be heard by more ears. Oh, and we also kicked things off with “Do the Griffin,” by the Weird Sisters, just because it’s a whole lot of fun.