Instant Gratification: Fleetwood Mac, “Oh Well – Pt. 1”

Thursday, October 4, 2018
Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop

When a band celebrates its 50th anniversary, what better way to commemorate the occasion than by releasing a compilation featuring 50 songs from throughout those 50 years of music? Well, as far as we’re concerned, there’s no better way, which is why Rhino is releasing Fleetwood Mac’s 50 YEARS – DON’T STOP on November 16.

This will be a pretty spectacular set – it’s going to represent every era of Fleetwood Mac’s career – and to make sure that as many people have an option to pick it up as possible, it’s being released in a variety of formats: a 50-track, 3-CD set, a 5-LP vinyl set, a 20-track single CD, and as a digital download. For that 3-CD version, the first disc covers the period between 1968-1974, the second disc covers the beginning of the Buckingham-Nicks era and stretches from 1975-1980, and the third disc starts with 1982 and stretches all the way to the band’s 2013 EXTENDED PLAY EP.

We know you’re psyched to hear this expansive collection, and we also know that November 16 is still a long way away, but for the time being, we can at least offer up a track for your listening enjoyment: “Oh, Well – Pt. 1.

Lastly, before we leave you, we wanted to make sure you knew exactly what was going to be on this thing, so you’ll hopefully say, “Wow, I need to order this right now!” So have your wallet at the ready and start reading…


3-CD Track Listing


Disc One
1. "Shake Your Moneymaker"
2. "Black Magic Woman"
3. "Need Your Love So Bad"
4. "Albatross"
5. "Man Of The World"
6. "Oh Well - Pt. I"
7. "Rattlesnake Shake"
8. "The Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown)"
9. "Tell Me All The Things You Do"
10. "Station Man - Single Version
11. "Sands Of Time" - Single Version
12. "Spare Me A Little Of Your Love"
13. "Sentimental Lady" - Single Version
14. "Did You Ever Love Me"
15. "Emerald Eyes"
16. "Hypnotized"
17. "Heroes Are Hard To Find" - Single Version

Disc Two
1. "Monday Morning"
2. "Over My Head" - Single Version
3. "Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win)" - Single Version
4. "Say You Love Me" - Single Version
5. "Landslide"
6. "Go Your Own Way"
7. "Dreams"
8. "Second Hand News"
9. "Don't Stop"
10. "The Chain"
11. "You Make Loving Fun"
12. "Tusk"
13. "Sara" - Single Version
14. "Think About Me" - Single Version
15. "Fireflies" - Single Version
16. "Never Going Back Again" - Live


Disc Three

1. "Hold Me"
2. "Gypsy"
3. "Love In Store"
4. "Oh Diane"
5. "Big Love"
6. "Seven Wonders"
7. "Little Lies"
8. "Everywhere"
9. "As Long As You Follow"
10. "Save Me" - Single Version
11. "Love Shines"
12. "Paper Doll"
13. "I Do" - Edit
14. "Silver Springs" - Live-Edit
15. "Peacekeeper"
16. "Say You Will"
17. "Sad Angel"


1-CD Track Listing

1.    "Don't Stop"
2.    "Go Your Own Way"
3.    "Dreams"
4.    "The Chain"
5.    "Landslide"
6.    "Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win)" - Single Version
7.    "Everywhere"
8.    "Little Lies"
9.    "Never Going Back Again" - Live
10.  "Tusk"
11.  "Sara" - Single Version
12.  "Gypsy"
13.  "Hold Me"
14.  "Big Love"
15.  "Seven Wonders"
16.  "Save Me"
17.  "Peacekeeper"
18.  "Albatross"
19.  "Man Of The World"
20.  "Oh Well - Pt. I"


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