New This Week : Son Volt, Trace: Expanded & Remastered

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
New This Week : Son Volt, Trace: Expanded & Remastered

Once upon a time, there was a band called Uncle Tupelo. They were great. In fact, they were so great that they couldn't last: the two guys that led the band - Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy - hit a wall whilst working with each other that was simply too difficult to scale, leading them to go their separate ways…or, more specifically, Farrar left and Uncle Tupelo disintegrated. Tweedy, of course, moved on to a little band called Wilco, while Farrar followed his own muse and began a new musical outfit known as Son Volt.

Amazingly, two decades have passed since that infamous Uncle Tupelo schism, and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Son Volt's debut album, Trace, not only are we reissuing it, but we've also digitally remastered it and expanded it to include previously-unreleased demos for eight albums tracks as well as a second disc containing a concert from February 12, 1996.

Want to know what's included? Here's the track listing, which should inspire - wait for it - no depression. (Sorry, it had to be done.)

Disc One
1. "Windfall"
2. "Live Free"
3. "Tear Stained Eye"
4. "Route"
5. "Ten Second News"
6. "Drown"
7. "Loose String"
8. "Out Of The Picture"
9. "Catching On"
10. "Too Early"
11. "Mystifies Me"
12. "Route" -Acoustic Demo
13. "Drown" - Demo
14. "Out Of The Picture" - Demo
15. "Loose String" - Demo
16. "Live Free" - Demo
17. "Too Early" - Demo
18. "Catching On" - Demo
19. "Windfall" - Demo

Disc Two: Live from Bottom Line 2/12/96
1. "Route"
2. "Loose String"
3. "Catching On"
4. "Live Free"
5. "Anodyne"
6. "Windfall"
7. "Slate"
8. "Out of the Picture"
9. "Tear Stained Eye"
10. "True to Life"
11. "Cemetery Savior"
12. "Ten Second News"
13. "Fifteen Keys"
14. "Drown"
15. "Looking For a Way Out"
16. "Chickamauga"
17. "Too Early"
18. "Looking at the World Through a Windshield" - Del Reeves cover