Now Available: Air, Twentyyears: Super Deluxe Edition

Monday, July 25, 2016
Now Available: Air, Twentyyears: Super Deluxe Edition

If you’re a big Air fan – and by the capitalization of the word, hopefully you’ll realize that we mean the French musical duo consisting of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel, as opposed to, say, the stuff you need to breathe – then you probably recall how we released TWENTYYEARS, their first-ever anthology, on June 10. If so, then you’ll probably also recall that when we issued the set digitally, on 2 CDs, and on 2 LPs, we teased about how we had something very special coming out on July 22: a limited-edition, numbered Super Deluxe Edition of the set, one which would feature 2 CDs, 2 LPs, and a bonus CD featuring remixes that Air had done for other artists.

Well, if you circled that particular date on your calendar, then this is old news to you, but since it’s now July 25, we thought it was reasonable at this point to remind those of you who might’ve forgotten that, yes, the set is finally out and available for your purchasing pleasure.

Here’s the full track listing, just in case you missed it the first time, and don’t forget: if this tickles your fancy, then you’d better move fast in finding yourself a copy, because there aren’t that many of them, and they’re certain to go fast!

Disc: 1
1. La femme d'argent
2. Venus
3. All I Need
4. Playground Love (with Gordon Tracks)

Disc: 2
1. Moon Fever
2. Don't Be Light
3. How Does It Make You Feel
4. Le soleil est près de moi

Disc: 3
1. La femme d'argent
2. Cherry Blossom Girl
3. Kelly Watch The Stars
4. Playground Love (with Gordon Tracks)
5. Sexy Boy
6. Venus
7. All I Need
8. Alpha Beta Gaga (Single Edit)
9. Moon Fever
10. Don't Be Light
11. How Does It Make You Feel
12. Once Upon a Time
13. Alone in Kyoto
14. Talisman
15. Run
16. Le soleil est près de moi
17. Land Me

Disc: 4
1. Planet Vega
2. Flowerhead
3. Crickets
4. The Duelist (feat.Charlotte Gainsbourg & Jarvis Cocker)
5. High Point
6. Au fond du rêve doré
7. Danger Zone
8. Indian Summer
9. The Way You Look Tonight
10. Roger Song
11. J'ai dormi sous l'eau (BBC Session 1998)
12. Remember (David Whitaker Version)
13. Trente millions d'amis (Live KCRW 98)
14. Adis Abebah (From the Soundtrack of 'Quartier Lointain')

Disc: 5
1. Latitudes
2. Purple (La Femme d'argent Mix)
3. Kootchi (Air Remix)
4. Home (Air 'Around The Golf' Remix)
5. A Better Future (Remix by Air)
6. Heaven Hammer (Missing Remixed by AIR)
7. It's Working (Air Remix)
8. Nosferatu (Remix by The Flower Pistols)
9. Rock in the Rain