Now Available: Carly Simon, Songs from the Trees: A Musical Memoir Collection

Friday, November 20, 2015
Now Available: Carly Simon, Songs from the Trees: A Musical Memoir Collection

When a musician releases a memoir, they generally find themselves in the public eye when the time comes to promote it, so it makes sense that they'd take advantage of their increased profile by releasing some new music at the same time. As it happens, that's exactly what Carly Simon is doing: when her autobiography, Songs from the Trees, hits bookstores, so will a new 31-track compilation entitled Songs from the Trees: A Musical Memoir Collection.

It's to be expected that the book will prove interesting even to Simon fans who haven't really followed her career beyond whichever of her singles scored the most radio airplay, so you won't be surprised to find a track listing that's heavy on hit singles. It's more than that, though: it also includes a number by the Simon Sisters, the folk duo that Carly formed with her sister Lucy and took around the Greenwich Village coffee shop circuit back in the day, and you'll find a pair of previously-unreleased tracks as well. The first, “Showdown,” was recorded during the sessions for her 1978 album Boys in the Trees, while the other, “I Can't Thank You Enough,” is a new song which Carly co-wrote with her son, Ben.

Here's the full track listing, so you can see all of the songs that make up this Musical Memoir Collection, and we don't mind saying that if you're looking for the perfect soundtrack to accompany the reading of Ms. Simon's memoir, we think you've found it.

Disc One:
1. "Boys In The Trees"
2. "Winken', Blinkin' And Nod" - The Simon Sisters
3. "Orpheus"
4. "Older Sister"
5. "It Was So Easy"
6. "Embrace Me, You Child"
7. "Hello Big Man"
8. "Two Hot Girls (On A Hot Summer Night)"
9. "It Happens Everyday"
10. "His Friends Are More Than Fond Of Robin"
11. "I'm All It Takes To Make You Happy"
12. "That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be"
13. "I've Got To Have You"
14. "Anticipation"
15. "Legend In Your Own Time"
16. "Three Days"

Disc Two:
1. "Julie Through The Glass"
2. "We Have No Secrets"
3. "You're So Vain"
4. "Mind On My Man"
5. "Mockingbird"
6. "After The Storm"
7. "Haunting"
8. "In Times When My Head"
9. "You Belong To Me"
10. "We're So Close"
11. "From The Heart"
12. "Come Upstairs"
13. "The Right Thing To Do"

Bonus Selections:
14. "Showdown"
15. "I Can't Thank You Enough"