Now Available: Rush, Feedback / Snakes & Arrows

Friday, January 15, 2016
Now Available: Rush, Feedback / Snakes & Arrows

You know how we usually offer a feature called “Doing a 180,” where we spotlight the latest albums we've reissued on 180-gram vinyl? Yeah, we can't do that with these Rush vinyl reissues: “Doing a 200” just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Yep, that's right: Feedback and Snakes & Ladders have been reissued on 200-gram vinyl, but if ever there was a band that deserved to have their music kicked up an extra 20 grams, it's got to be Rush, right? Just think of it as the vinyl equivalent of turning it up to 11.

In case you don't recall these particular studio efforts, here's a little bit about each of them to jog your memory:

Feedback: 2004 was the year that Rush, like all good bands, reached the point in their career where they said, “You know, we should totally do a covers album.” Unlike most such entries into the covers-album genre, however, Feedback received considerable praise from critics, and reasonably so: not only did it show a looser, freer Rush - the guys were actually having fun! - but the performances proved the song choices to be spot on. That's really saying something when you consider how many times some of the selections had been covered elsewhere, but it's true: Rush really did a great job of making the tunes their own.

Snakes & Arrows: Otherwise known as the album with which Rush closed out their career with Atlantic Records, but at least they went out strong. In addition to securing the band another top-five album in America (it debuted at #3 and remained there for 14 weeks). That its highest charting single, “Far Cry,” only made it to #22 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart says more about Mainstream Rock than it does about the album: Snakes & Arrows went on to be named one of Classic Rock's 10 essential progressive rock albums of the 2000s.