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Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Dire Straits THE STUDIO ALBUMS Cover

On October 9, Rhino will be releasing Dire Straits’ THE STUDIO ALBUMS 1978-1991, a set which will available in 6-CD, 8-LP 180-gram vinyl, and digital versions. As a result, we’ve been trying to prepare for a sudden influx of old and new fans who’ll be wanting to dig into other aspects of the band’s, say, their videos, for instance. 

As such, if you’re a fan, you’ll be pleased to learn that videos from the band’s back catalog are being uploaded to the official Dire Straits channel in shiny new HD versions. 

Want proof? Here’s the video for the title track of their most successful album, “Brothers in Arms.”

And if you’d like a reminder about what songs are on which of the band’s albums, here’s the full track listing for THE STUDIO ALBUMS 1978-1991, which – just to remind you once again – will be hitting shelves both real and virtual on October 9!

CD Track Listing:

CD 1 – Dire Straits  
1.     “Down To The Waterline” 
2.     “Water Of Love” 
3.     “Setting Me Up” 
4.     “Six Blade Knife” 
5.     “Southbound Again” 
6.     “Sultans Of Swing” 
7.     “In The Gallery” 
8.     “Wild West End” 
9.     “Lions”  
CD 2 - Communiqué  
1.     “Once Upon A Time In The West”  
2.     “News”  
3.     “Where Do You Think You’re Going?”  
4.     “Communiqué”  
5.     “Lady Writer”  
6.     “Angel Of Mercy”  
7.     “Portobello Belle”  
8.     “Single-Handed Sailor”  
9.     “Follow Me Home”  

CD 3 – Making Movies  
1.     “Tunnel Of Love”  
2.     “Romeo And Juliet”  
3.     “Skateaway”  
4.     “Expresso Love”  
5.     “Hand In Hand”  
6.     “Solid Rock”  
7.     “Les Boys”  
CD 4 – Love Over Gold  
1.     “Telegraph Road”  
2.     “Private Investigations”  
3.     “Industrial Disease”  
4.     “Love Over Gold”  
5.     “It Never Rains”  
CD 5 – Brothers In Arms  
1.     “So Far Away”  
2.     “Money For Nothing”  
3.     “Walk Of Life”  
4.     “Your Latest Trick”  
5.     “Why Worry”  
6.     “Ride Across The River”  
7.     “The Man’s Too Strong”  
8.     “One World”  
9.     “Brothers In Arms”  
CD 6 – On Every Street  
1.     “Calling Elvis”  
2.     “On Every Street”  
3.     “When It Comes To You”  
4.     “Fade To Black”  
5.     “The Bug”  
6.     “You And Your Friend”  
7.     “Heavy Fuel”  
8.     “Iron Hand”  
9.     “Ticket To Heaven”  
10. “My Parties”  
11. “Planet Of New Orleans”  
12.  “How Long”  

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