Out Now: Kate Bush, THE OTHER SIDES

Monday, March 11, 2019
Kate Bush THE OTHER SIDES Album Art

Back in November, Rhino had a hand in releasing two box sets – or possibly four box sets, depending on whether you favor CDs or LPs, respectively – which were widely considered among the best reissues of 2018: Kate Bush’s REMASTERED sets. There was, however, one aspect of this reissue campaign which proved frustrating for some fans, and that was the inclusion of THE OTHER SIDES, a compilation that rounded up all of Bush’s rarities.


The frustrating bit, of course, was that all of the actual albums contained within the REMASTERED sets were already available separately, but that particular compilation was not. Fortunately for those fans, we’ve just rectified that situation: as of this past Friday, THE OTHER SIDES – a four-CD set – is available independently.


THE OTHER SIDES offers a plethora of B-sides, 12” mixes, and other rare tracks, including an entire disc’s worth of covers recorded by Bush, including a couple of classic Elton John songs (“Candle in the Wind,” “Rocket Man”) and “The Man I Love,” written by George and Ira Gershwin. Better yet, the set has hardcover packaging, so it’ll look swell on a bookshelf. You know, provided that it ever gets back on the shelf because of how much you’ll be playing it.


Wanna see the full track listing? We can oblige!



Disc One: 12'' Mixes

1.    "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)"
2.    "The Big Sky (Metereological Mix)"
3.    "Cloudbusting (The Organon Mix)"
4.    "Hounds Of Love (Alternative Mix)"
5.    "Experiment 1V (Extended Mix)"

Disc Two: The Other Side 1

1.    "Walk Straight Down The Middle"
2.    "You Want Alchemy"
3.    "Be Kind To My Mistakes"
4.    "Lyra"
5.    "Under The Ivy"
6.    "Experiment 1V"
7.    "Ne t'enfuis pas"
8.    "Un baiser d'enfant"
9.    "Burning Bridge"
10.  "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) 2012 Remix"

Disc Three: The Other Side 2

1.    "Home For Christmas"
2.    "One Last Look Around The House Before We Go......."
3.    "I'm Still Waiting"
4.    "Warm And Soothing"
5.    "Show A Little Devotion"
6.    "Passing Through The Air"
7.    "Humming"
8.    "Ran Tan Waltz"
9.    "December Will Be Magic"
10.  "Wuthering Heights (Remix)"

Disc Four: In Others' Words

1.    "Rocket Man"
2.    "Sexual Healing"
3.    "Mna Na Heireann"
4.    "My Lagan Love"
5.    "The Man I Love"
6.    "Brazil (Sam Lowry's First Dream)"
7.    "The Handsome Cabin Boy"
8.    "Lord Of The Reedy River"
9.    "Candle In The Wind"


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