Out This Week: David Bowie, “Zeroes / Beat On Your Drum” 7” Picture Disc

Wednesday, September 5, 2018
David Bowie, ZEROES

Until recently, if you told a David Bowie fan that they should prepare to get excited about the upcoming reissue of their hero’s 1987 album NEVER LET ME DOWN, it probably would’ve been fun to watch their expression while they worked out exactly how they were going to reply to that information. To put this in perspective, after hearing a remix of one of album’s singles, “Time Will Crawl,” that was done in 2008 by producer/engineer Mario McNulty, Bowie responded, “Oh, to redo the rest of that album…"

Well, it’s finally happened: when Rhino releases the latest Bowie box set, LOVING THE ALIEN (1983-1988), on October 12, it will contain NEVER LET ME DOWN (2018), a new production of the album by McNulty which features new instrumentation by Bowie collaborators Reeves Gabrels (guitar), David Torn (guitar), Sterling Campbell (drums), Tim Lefebvre (bass) as well as string quartet with arrangements by Nico Muhly and a guest cameo by Laurie Anderson on "Shining Star (Makin' My Love)."

If you’ve been paying attention, you may already be aware that a radio edit of the new 2018 version of "Zeroes" was released as a digital single a short while ago, but this Friday will bring fans a double a-side limited edition 7" picture disc, paired with a radio edit of "Beat On Your Drum" (2018).

Hit up your favorite record store on Friday to procure yourself a copy, and then just try to contain your excitement until October 12, when you’ll be able to hear the entirety of NEVER LET ME DOWN (2018). Based on this track alone, we’re pretty psyched ourselves!

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