Out Tomorrow: Fleetwood Mac, Mirage: Deluxe Reissue

Thursday, September 22, 2016
Out Tomorrow: Fleetwood Mac, Mirage: Deluxe Reissue

First we brought you the deluxe reissue of RUMOURS. Then we brought you the deluxe edition of TUSK. If we didn’t follow up that up with a deluxe reissue of MIRAGE, then we knew we were going the victims of a serious beat-down.

Needless to say, we had no interest in being on the receiving end of a beat-down, serious or otherwise, which is why you’ll be able to walk into your friendly neighborhood record store tomorrow and pick up the MIRAGE: DELUXE REISSUE in one of these three versions:
Deluxe: Three CDs, DVD and LP. Original album remastered, plus b-sides and rarities; the original album on LP; live performances; and a 5.1 mix on DVD. Expanded: Two CDs. Original album remastered, plus a disc of b-sides and rarities. Remastered: Original album remastered.

And, yes, you’ll be able to purchase it digitally as well, but you can’t do it by visiting your friendly neighborhood record store. You can, however, just hit your favorite digital retailer and order your copy that way, but no matter what format you choose, you certainly won’t want to waste any time, because MIRAGE is just as top-notch a release as our previous Fleetwood Mac deluxe reissues.

First of all, you get the original album, which has been remastered and still features classic tracks like “Hold Me,” “Gypsy,” “Oh Diane,” “Straight Back,” and more. From there, you’ve got Disc 2, which expands the proceedings to include 19 additional tracks, including previously-unreleased early versions of songs from the album, outtakes that didn’t make it onto the album, an extended version of “Gypsy,” and a cover of Fats Domino’s “Blue Monday.” Lastly, there’s Disc 3, which delivers more than a dozen live performances from the Los Angeles stop of Fleetwood Mac’s 1982 tour, Oh, and lest we forget, there’s also the DVD that includes the 5.1 mix of the original album. Absolutely can’t forget that.

Here’s the full track listing for the various editions of the set, which will be sitting on a shelf somewhere tomorrow, singing “Wish You Were Here” softly to itself until you purchase your copy.


Disc One: Original Album - 2016 Remaster
1. “Love In Store”
2. “Can’t Go Back”
3. “That’s Alright”
4. “Book Of Love”
5. “Gypsy”
6. “Only Over You”
7. “Empire State”
8. “Straight Back”
9. “Hold Me”
10. “Oh Diane”
11. “Eyes Of The World”
12. “Wish You Were Here”

Disc Two: B-Sides, Outtakes, Sessions
1. “Love In Store” (Early Version)*
2. “Suma’s Walk” AKA “Can’t Go Back” (Outtake)*
3. “That’s Alright” (Alternate Take)*
4. “Book Of Love” (Early Version)*
5. “Gypsy” (Early Version)*
6. “Only Over You” (Alternate Version)*
7. “Empire State” (Early Version)*
8. “If You Were My Love” (Outtake)*
9. “Hold Me” (Early Version)*
10. “Oh Diane” (Early Version)*
11. “Smile At You” (Outtake)*
12. “Goodbye Angel” (Original Outtake)*
13. “Eyes Of The World” (Alternate Early Version)*
14. "Straight Back" (Original Vinyl Version)
15. “Wish You Were Here” (Alternate Version)*
16. “Cool Water”
17. “Gypsy” (Video Version)
18. “Put A Candle In The Window” (Run-Through)*
19. “Teen Beat” (Outtake)*
20. “Blue Monday” (Jam)*
*Previously Unissued

Disc Three: Mirage Live 1982
1. “The Chain”
2. “Gypsy”
3. “Love In Store”
4. “Not That Funny”
5. “You Make Loving Fun”
6. “I’m So Afraid”
7. “Blue Letter”
8. “Rhiannon”
9. “Tusk”
10. “Eyes Of The World”
11. “Go Your Own Way”
12. “Sisters Of The Moon”
13. “Songbird”

Disc Four: 5.1 Surround Mix & 24/96 Stereo Audio of Original Album (DVD)

Mirage (Vinyl)
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Side One
1. “Love In Store”
2. “Can’t Go Back”
3. “That’s Alright”
4. “Book Of Love”
5. “Gypsy”
6. “Only Over You”

Side Two

1. “Empire State”
2. “Straight Back”
3. “Hold Me”
4. “Oh Diane”
5. “Eyes Of The World”
6. “Wish You Were Here”