Remembering Tim Buckley

Friday, February 14, 2014
Remembering Tim Buckley

To the masses, February 14 is generally only known for being Valentine’s Day, but fans of a certain innovative and eclectic singer and musician from the ‘60s and ‘70s will also recognize today as being Tim Buckley’s birthday. You know, Jeff Buckley’s dad...?

Hey, don’t hate us for identifying the father by his offspring: there’s an entire generation (at least) who only knows the elder Buckley because of the songs his son recorded...and, frankly, if Jeff’s work leads Tim’s work to be discover, then it’s still worth placing a mark in the “win” column.

Born in Washington, DC on February 14, 1947, Tim Buckley found his way into music appreciation via his mother’s jazz albums, but it wasn’t until he and his family moved to California and his grandmother expanded his mind by introducing him to variety of other musical artists and genres that he truly fell in love. By the early ‘60s, Buckley had taught himself banjo and was playing in a local folk group, and although his family life was turbulent, he found solace both in music as well as a young lady named Mary Guilbert. Although their relationship didn’t last, it can’t be said to have been a complete failure, as it did bring one Jeffrey Scott Buckley into the world.

While Buckley is rightfully recognized for his musical efforts over the course of his 28-year lifespan, it’s fair to say that listening to his discography can be a daunting task for someone whose tastes aren’t terribly flexible. Although he started out as a more traditional folk-rock artist, he soon began to incorporate other styles into his songs, including blues, jazz, and even funk, with each of his nine studio albums showing some degree of musical evolution.

For those interested in exploring Buckley’s catalog, it might well be advisable to start with The Best of Tim Buckley, which offers a sampling of material which spans the majority of his career. We’ve created a playlist which features the songs from that collection as well as a few other tracks from throughout his catalog. (And for those who are looking to dig a little bit deeper into Buckley's work, check out the Rhino Handmade Deluxe Edition of Tim Buckley.)

We’re not saying, “If you like Jeff, you’ll like Tim,” mind you, but if you enjoy the work of the son, it never hurts to take a listen to where the guy got some of his musical DNA.