Amazon May Get Down, Get with Shaun Cassidy

Monday, February 3, 2014
Amazon May Get Down, Get with Shaun Cassidy

It’s not uncommon for casual pop culture aficionados to think of famous figures in terms of their most high-profile accomplishments rather than the ones which are far more worthy of long-term remembrance, which is why mention of the name “Shaun Cassidy” so often brings to mind memories of The Hardy Boys and a cover of “Da Doo Ron Ron.”

But if you’re a fan of quality television – specifically, the sort of series that you fall in love with, only to see it cancelled after only a single season – then we’d like to think that Cassidy’s name inspires flashbacks to your favorite moments from CBS’s American Gothic, FOX’s Roar (starring a young Heath Ledger), and ABC’s Invasion. And if that’s the case for you, then we can only presume that you’ll be as thrilled as we are to learn that, per, Cassidy’s new drama Hysteria seems to be in very serious contention to be in the mix as one of Amazon’s next round of pilots.

So we’re clear, then, right? We all understand that, despite how pop culture history may try to paint him, Shaun Cassidy wasn’t just a ‘70s heartthrob, and that he’s proven time and time again that he has been – and continues to be – a creator of highly creative television series, yes?

Beautiful. That way, we can still make good on the title of this post and remember that, once upon a long ago, the guy also turned in a pretty fun cover of a certain Eric Carmen song…