Brooklyn Brothers Record Self-titled Debut Album

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Brooklyn Brothers Record Self-titled Debut Album

The Brooklyn Brothers (Ryan O’Nan and Michael Weston) will blur the line between fiction and reality this September as they star in Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best — a new film about the heartbreaks and joys of making music — and also release their self-titled debut album and launch their first ever tour before the film’s September premiere.

Released on ATCO, an imprint of Rhino Entertainment, BROOKLYN BROTHERS: THE ALBUM features the band’s “The Shins meet Sesame Street” sound on ten tracks and will be available nationwide on September 18.

Presented by Oscilloscope Laboratories, Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best will debut in select theaters on September 21 and will be available On Demand and digital platforms in over 40 million homes nationwide on September 25th. O’Nan, who wrote and directed the film, Weston and Arielle Kebbel star in this offbeat coming-of-age tale about two lo-fi musicians who chase their musical dreams on a cross-country road trip and discover their unique sound using children’s instruments backed by the beat of a cheap Casio keyboard. The film was produced by Jason Michael Berman and Kwesi Collisson.

O’Nan says: “I wanted to make a film about music. About chasing a dream to the edge of its extinction and what an unhealthy, beautiful, terrifying journey that can be. And also what amazing potential for hope can come out of pouring yourself into something you love, regardless of the outcome.”

O’Nan wrote a majority of the songs on BROOKLYN BROTHERS with additional songs written by Brendan Leach and Keith Freudenberger, who helped inspire the musical style at the center of the film.

Several songs from the album appear in the film, such as “Come On Girl,” “278 (Airport)” and “Someday.” Other tracks are new versions of songs from the film (“Faster Than Aeroplanes,” “Hey Captain”), as well as completely new songs that were recorded after the film ended (“Why Don’t You Cry About It,” “Bravery I Can’t Brave”).

To support the album, the Brooklyn Brothers will play shows in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Portland and Seattle in advance of the film premiering in those markets. Tour dates and venues will be announced in the coming weeks.

In addition to the duo’s self-titled debut, ATCO will also release the film’s soundtrack on September 18. Along with several songs that appear on the duo’s debut, the album also features other songs heard in the film, as well as music from Rob Simonsen’s score.