Deep Dive: The Impressions, FOOL FOR YOU

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Deep Dive: The Impressions, FOOL FOR YOU

If you’re a fan of the classic R&B group The Impressions, then the album cited in the title of this piece has probably got you scratching your head.

“Now hang on just a second,” you’re thinking. “I know The Impressions had a single called ‘Fool for You,’ but…when did they release an album called FOOL FOR YOU?”

Well, that’s the thing: they didn’t.

We, on the other hand, have released a digital playlist called FOOL FOR YOU, one which includes selections from The Impressions’ output between 1968 and 1976. In addition, you will hopefully be pleased to learn that this very playlist is available not only for your listening enjoyment but, indeed, for your purchasing enjoyment as well.

If you’re familiar with The Impressions’ singles but you’ve never gotten around to picking up even so much as a best-of collection, then this is a great way to delve into their catalog without necessarily falling back on the most obvious material. It’s a unique and interesting cross-section of their work during the aforementioned years, one which covers a lot of sonic ground but never fails to make for some smooth listening.

Here’s the full track listing, so you can see what you’ll be hearing:

1. “Fool for You” (THIS IS MY COUNTRY, 1968)
2. “Jealous Man” (THE YOUNG MODS’ FORGOTTEN STORY, 1969)
3. “Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)” (TIMES HAVE CHANGED, 1971)
4. “Find the Way” (PREACHER MAN, 1973)
5. “You Want Somebody Else” (THIS IS MY COUNTRY, 1968)
6. “You’re Really Something, Sadie” (CHECK OUT YOUR MIND, 1970)
7. “This is My Country” (THIS IS MY COUNTRY, 1968)
8. “We Must Be in Love” (CHECK OUT YOUR MIND, 1970)
9. “They Don’t Know” (THIS IS MY COUNTRY, 1968)
10. “Seven Years” (THE YOUNG MODS’ FORGOTTEN STORY, 1969)
11. “I’m Loving Nothing” (THIS IS MY COUNTRY, 1968)
12. “Check Out Your Mind” (CHECK OUT YOUR MIND, 1970)
13. “Stay Close to Me” (THIS IS MY COUNTRY, 1968)
14. “Gone Away” (THIS IS MY COUNTRY, 1968)
15. “So Unusual” (THIS IS MY COUNTRY, 1968)
16. “Preacher Man” (PREACHER MAN, 1973)
17. “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” (1976 single)
18. “I’m a Changed Man (Finally Got Myself Together)” (FINALLY GOT MYSELF TOGETHER, 1973)
19. “Don’t Forget What I Told You” (FINALLY GOT MYSELF TOGETHER, 1973)
20. “Loves Happening” (THEY DON’T KNOW EP, 1969)
21. “Groove” (THIS IS MY COUNTRY, 1968)
22. “How High Is High” (FIRST IMPRESSIONS, 1975)
23. “I’m a Fool for Love” (THIS IS MY LOVE, 1968)
24. “I’ll Always Be Here” (FINALLY GOT MYSELF TOGETHER, 1973)
25. “On the Move” (THREE THE HARD WAY, 1974)
26. “Why Must a Love Song Be a Sad Song” (FIRST IMPRESSIONS, 1975)
27. “If It’s in You to Do Wrong” (FINALLY GOT MYSELF TOGETHER, 1973)
28. “I’m So Glad” (FIRST IMPRESSIONS, 1975)
29. “In the Palm of My Hands” (IT’S ABOUT TIME,1976)
30. “Love Me” (TIMES HAVE CHANGED, 1972)
31. “Mister Keyes” (THREE THE HARD WAY, 1974)
32. “Only You” (CHECK OUT YOUR MIND, 1970)
33. “Make a Resolution” (THREE THE HARD WAY, 1974)
34. “Try Me [One More Time)” (FINALLY GOT MYSELF TOGETHER, 1973)
35. “Old Before My Time” (FIRST IMPRESSIONS, 1975)
36. “That’s What Love Will Do” (THREE THE HARD WAY, 1974)
37. “Color Us All Gray (I’m Lost)” (PREACHER MAN, 1973)