Enya Details A BOX OF DREAMS 6LP Vinyl Boxed Set Edition

Friday, April 21, 2023

Originally released as a limited edition three-CD set in 1997, Enya’s A Box of Dreams has become a must-have collector’s item among fans. After 25 years, A BOX OF DREAMS will receive its long-awaited reissue making its vinyl debut within a beautifully designed 6-LP eco-friendly boxed set - manufactured using 100% recycled board and vinyl. The album will be released on June 23 and is now available to pre-order HERE.
The boxed set compiles highlights from the first half of Enya’s storied career, spanning selections from her self-titled debut album (later reissued and expanded as The Celts) through to the single “Only If…” which had just been released and featured on her first best of Paint The Sky With Stars.
A BOX OF DREAMS originally featured three thematically arranged discs, each of which is now split between three double-vinyl records.

The first, Oceans, showcases the most uplifting moments from Enya’s rich catalog of work, starting with the #1 smash and instant classic “Orinoco Flow” and voyaging through other hits (“Anywhere Is,” “Book of Days” and “Caribbean Blue”) and fan favorites (“The Longships,” “Ebudae” and “Pax Deorum”).
The second, Clouds, curates a selection of Enya’s most beautifully beguiling instrumentals and compositions in which her voice provides an ambient texture to the production, including the title tracks from “Watermark,” “Shepherd Moons” and “The Memory of Trees.”
The final arrangement, Stars, features Enya’s wondrously choral and meditative ballads, including the hit single “Evening Falls,” the hymnal “Athair Ar Neamh” and the evocative yet relatively undiscovered “Exile.”
A BOX OF DREAMS provides a glimpse into the variety of inspiring compositions created by the triumvirate Enya alongside producer Nicky Ryan and lyricist Roma Ryan. Their hallmarks are infused throughout every moment of the collection, weaving together Enya’s elegant vocal majesty alongside innovative, intricately layered production and lyrics which unite the poetic with the philosophical. This boxed set features new liner notes from Roma and Nicky Ryan, including a series of short poems by Roma.
In addition, A BOX OF DREAMS is the first Enya release to be pressed using recycled vinyl. The manufacturing process creates a randomly generated, dark-hued marble effect on each disc, which makes each individual record unique.
Creating music entirely on her own terms, Enya nonetheless cemented her status as a cultural phenomenon and as one of the most successful Irish artists of all time. The statistics speak for themselves 6.5 billion streams to date, four Grammy® Awards, an Ivor Novello, nine UK Top 10 albums, five US Top 10 albums and an international array of Platinum certifications, including 4 x Platinum in the UK for both “Watermark” and “Shepherd Moons” and 7x Platinum in the U.S. for “A Day Without Rain.”
Enya’s previous studio album, 2015’s Dark Sky Island, not only continued her remarkable commercial success but inspired fresh critical reappraisal that continues to this day, with Pitchfork, The Guardian, NPR, The Times, FACT and The Quietus among those who have highlighted the strength of her back catalog. Her influence has also extended to subsequent generations of artists, including Grimes, FKA twigs, Nicki Minaj, Brandy and Weyes Blood. Enya’s music has also been sampled or reconstructed for other chart hits over the years, most notably The Fugees’ “Ready Or Not” and Mario Winans’ “I Don’t Wanna Know” (featuring P-Diddy).
This September will also mark the 35th anniversary of the release of Enya’s breakthrough album Watermark.
LP1: Side A
1.      “Orinoco Flow”
2.      “Caribbean Blue”
3.      “Book of Days”
4.      “Anywhere Is”
LP1: Side B
1.      “Only If…”
2.      “The Celts”
3.      “Cursum Perficio”
4.      “I Want Tomorrow”
LP2: Side A
1.      “China Roses”
2.      “Storms in Africa”
3.      “Pax Deorum”
LP2: Side B
1.      “The Longships”
2.      “Ebudae”
3.      “On My Way Home”
4.      “Boadicea”
LP1: Side A
1.      “Watermark”
2.      “Portrait (Out of the Blue)”
3.      “Miss Clare Remembers”
4.      “Shepherd Moons”
LP1: Side B
1.      “March of the Celts”
2.      “Lothlórien”
3.      “From Where I Am”
4.      “Afer Ventus”
LP2: Side A
1.      “Oriel Window”
2.      “River”
3.      “Tea-House Moon”
4.      “Willows on the Water”
LP2: Side B
1.      “Morning Glory”
2.      “No Holly for Miss Quinn”
3.      “The Memory of Trees”
LP1: Side A
1.      “Evening Falls”
2.      “Paint the Sky with Stars”
3.      “Angeles”
4.      “Athair Ar Neamh”
LP1: Side B
1.      “La Soñadora”
2.      “Aldebaran”
3.      “Deireadh an Tuath”
4.      “Eclipse”
5.      “Exile”
LP2: Side A
1.      “On Your Shore”
2.      “Evacuee”
3.      “Marble Halls”
4.      “Hope Has a Place”
LP2: Side B
1.      “The Sun in the Stream”
2.      “Na Laetha Geal M'óige”
3.      “Smaoinim”