Instant Gratification: Graham Nash, “Teach Your Children”

Monday, June 18, 2018
Graham Nash - Over the Years...

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of one of rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest super-groups – Crosby, Stills and Nash, so there’s more than a small amount of appropriateness to the fact that we’re about to honor one of that trio’s members with a new anthology.

OVER THE YEARS… is a 30-song compilation which features songs from throughout the 50 years since Graham Nash departed The Hollies, even kicking off with a demo of “Marrakesh Express,” the song that served as a line in the sand, creatively speaking, for Nash: when The Hollies rejected the tune, his frustration ultimately led him to travel to Los Angeles, which in turn set the stage for the beginning of Crosby, Stills and Nash.

The CD and digital versions of OVER THE YEARS… will be released on June 29, with a 15-track, 2-LP version hitting stores on August 31. Until then, however, you can enjoy a little instant gratification by listening to the demo for “Teach Your Children” that appears on the set.

And, hey, while you give it a spin, check out the track listing for OVER THE YEARS…

CD Track Listing

Disc One
1.    "Marrakesh Express"
2.    "Military Madness"
3.    "Immigration Man"
4.    "Just A Song Before I Go"
5.    "I Used To Be King" *
6.    "Better Days" *
7.    "Simple Man"
8.    "Teach Your Children"
9.    "Lady Of The Island"
10.  "Wind On The Water"
11.  "Our House"
12.  "Cathedral"
13.  "Wasted On The Way"
14.  "Chicago/We Can Change The World"
15.  "Myself At Last"

* Previously unreleased mixes

Disc Two: The Demos
1.    "Marrakesh Express" - London, 1968
2.    "Horses Through A Rainstorm" - London, 1968
3.    "Teach Your Children" - Hollywood, 1969
4.    "Pre-Road Downs" - Hollywood, 1969
5.    "Our House" - San Francisco, 1969
6.    "Right Between The Eyes" - San Francisco, 1969 *
7.    "Sleep Song" - San Francisco, 1969 *
8.    "Chicago" - Hollywood, 1970 *
9.    "Man In The Mirror" - Hollywood, 1970
10.  "Simple Man" - Hollywood, 1970
11.  "I Miss You" - San Francisco, 1972
12.  "You'll Never Be The Same" - San Francisco, 1972
13.  "Wind On The Water" - San Francisco, 1975
14.  "Just A Song Before I Go" - San Francisco, 1976
15.  "Wasted On The Way" - Oahu, 1980

Previously unreleased demo versions, except *

LP Track Listing

Side One
1.    "Marrakesh Express"
2.    "Military Madness"
3.    "Immigration Man"
4.    "Just A Song Before I Go"
5.    "I Used To Be King" *

Side Two
1.    "Better Days" *
2.    "Simple Man"
3.     "Teach Your Children"
4.    "Lady Of The Island"
5.    "Wind On The Water"
Side Three
1.    "Our House"
2.    "Cathedral"
3.    "Wasted On The Way"
4.    "Chicago/We Can Change The World"
5.    "Myself At Last"
* Previously unreleased mixes

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