Neil Young Shares Long-Lost 2001 Album TOAST

Friday, July 8, 2022

It's all happening: Neil Young has releases his near-mythical 2001 studio album, Toast. Recorded 21 years ago at Toast Studios in San Francisco, Toast features Young’s legendary musical collaborators Crazy Horse at a ragged and thundering apex. Toast is available on CD, and double vinyl at The Greedy Hand Store at Neil Young Archives (NYA) and music retailers everywhere and digitally at the Xstream Store at NYA and most DSP’s. Purchasers of vinyl and CD at The Greedy Hand Store will receive the hi-res digital download from the Xstream Store at NYA upon release. Listen to "Gateway of Love" below.

For the past two decades, Toast has been whispered about in collectors’ circles in hushed tones, as Young has dropped pieces of information about it here and there, especially as it contains three never-before-released songs.

Some months back, Young wrote about the album in depth in his virtual daily newspaper, The Times Contrarian, at NYA: “The music of Toast is about a relationship,” he said. “There is a time in many relationships that go bad, a time long before the breakup, where it dawns on one of the people, maybe both, that it's over. This was that time.”

Aptly, Toast is heavy and distressed, brimming with electrifying tension. Even its sweet-sounding opening track, “Quit,” features the refrain, “Don’t Say You Love Me,” “Standing In The Light of Love,” and “Goin’ Home” let the Horse off the tether in fields of overdriven guitar; an out-of-work logger grapples with his faith on the breakneck “Timberline;” and on “Gateway of Love,” Young dreams of a less painful future over a hypnotizing 10 minutes, leading into the somber, brokedown “How Ya Doin’?” The songwriter sums up the album best during its shadowy 13 minute plus finale “Boom Boom Boom”: “All I got is a broken heart, and I don’t try to hide it when I play my guitar.”

Toast is just one more testament to the treasure trove of vital music Young has in his vault.