Now Available: Sisters of Mercy, Vision Thing Vinyl Collection

Friday, July 29, 2016
Now Available: Sisters of Mercy, Vision Thing Vinyl Collection

Last year was the 30th anniversary of the Sisters of Mercy’s 1985 album FIRST AND LAST AND ALWAYS, an occasion which led not only to a vinyl set highlighting that LP but also a similar set highlighting their 1987 album FLOODLAND. This year, the Sisterly love continues with the next album in line: 1990’s VISION THING.

Recorded in Denmark, VISION THING wasn’t an Andrew Eldritch solo project, but it definitely reconfirmed that Eldritch was the man with the Sisters’ plan, as it effectively found him starting from scratch with a brand new band: guitarists Andreas Bruhn and Tim Bricheno and bassist Tony James, late of Generation X and Sigue Sigue Sputnik. The sound might be slightly different, but with Eldritch’s voice, there’s no question that you’re still listening to the Sisters of Mercy, as is borne out on tracks like “More,” “Doctor Jeep,” and the title track.

The VISION THING VINYL COLLECTION features the original album and three singles, all pressed on 180-gram vinyl and all housed in a lovely slipcase. The set will also be made available digitally, with the album and the singles all available individually as well.

Here's the full track listing:

Vision Thing

Side One
1. "Vision Thing"
2. "Ribbons"
3. "Detonation Boulevard"
4. "Something Fast"

Side Two
1. "When You Don't See Me"
2. "Doctor Jeep"
3. "More"
4. "I Was Wrong"

More (12")

Side One
1. "More"

Side Two
1. "You Could Be The One"

Dr. Jeep (12")

Side One
1. "Doctor Jeep" (Extended Mix)

Side Two
1. "Knocking On Heaven's Door" (Live 1985)

When You Don't See Me (12")

Side One
1. "When You Don't See Me" (Remix)

Side Two
1. "Ribbons" (Live, November 1990)
2. "Something Fast" (Live, November 1990)