Friday, July 24, 2020

Hey, man, have you heard about the new Grateful Dead podcast? You haven’t? Well, that’s ‘cause it’s not a podcast.


What is it? Why, it’s a Deadcast, man...


Yes, that’s right: The Good Ol’ Grateful Deadcast kicked off a few weeks ago, and if you’re a Deadhead and you haven’t started to regularly download new episodes on a weekly basis, you’re seriously missing out on some great stuff.


Produced and hosted by singer songwriter and producer Rich Mahan and author and WFMU DJ Jesse Jarnow, the Deadcast’s weekly episodes will present an aural and oral history of the Grateful Dead’s long strange trip. The podcast’s tagline is “For The Committed And The Curious,” as episodes will invite new fans to explore the band’s enormous mythology in digestible chunks and enlighten life-long Dead Heads about corners of the band’s history they never knew existed.


Here’s the link – - and if you look below, you’ll see the info about the first few episodes, any one of which should successfully convince you to click on over and download your first episode ASAP! And while you’re there, why not submit your own personal accounts and experiences related to the Dead and/or your fellow Deadheads? They’re always on the lookout for new ideas for future episodes! In particular, they’re looking for some Jerry-centric material for the upcoming “Days Between” installment, so wrack your brain and consider if you’ve got something that might qualify!


Episode 1: Workingman’s Dead 50 – Uncle John’s Band: Join us for deep dig into the rich history of WORKINGMAN’S DEAD with album co-producer Bob Matthews and others, beginning with a close listen to “Uncle John’s Band,” including its surprising roots in jazz history and Macedonian choral music, a further look into the session outtakes, and the story of the real-life Uncle John.


Guests: Bob Matthews, Brian Kehew, Jim Lauderdale, Gary Lambert, David Lemieux, Bill Walton, Mike Johnson


Bonus – Bear Drops, Episode 1: The first of our ongoing surprise BEAR DROPS, exploring the life and legacy of Owsley Stanley, the pioneer underground LSD chemist as well as trailblazing sound engineer for the Grateful Dead. With Bear’s son Starfinder, partner Rhoney, and Hawk Semins of the Owsley Stanley Foundation, we explore Bear’s singular personality, the hi-fi origins of the Dead’s quest for sound, and how Owsley was the inspiration for two of the Dead’s most potent symbols, the skull-and-lightning bolt Steal Your Face logo and the omnipresent dancing bears, seen everywhere and beyond, most lately on Nike’s NikeSB Dunk Low Pro ‘Grateful Dead’ sneakers.


Guests: Starfinder Stanley, Rhoney Stanley, Hawk Semins


Episode 2: Workingman’s Dead 50 – High Time: The Grateful Dead’s masterpiece ​Workingman’s Dead s​ong by song. For "High Time," we look behind the purple door of Pacific High Recording with co-producer Bob Matthews and tour manager Sam Cutler, examine session outtakes and tape mysteries with Brian Kehew and Mike Johnson, and explore how "High Time" was a songwriting breakthrough for Jerry Garcia and his new housemate, lyricist Robert Hunter.


Guests: Bob Matthews, Sam Cutler, David Lemieux, Gary Lambert, Brian Kehew, Mike Johnson, Buzz Poole


Episode 2: Workingman’s Dead 50 – Dire Wolf: Our close listen to the Grateful Dead’s remastered Workingman’s Dead 50th anniversary edition continues with “Dire Wolf.” Album co-producer Bob Matthews reveals recording tricks. With David Nelson of the New Riders of the Purple Sage, we get a look inside Jerry Garcia’s living room as he learns how to play pedal steel guitar. We untangle the connections between “Dire Wolf,” the Zodiac Killer, and Sherlock Holmes to figure out the exact date the song was written, examine session outtakes from the Angel’s Share, hear from bluegrass phenom and Dead fan Billy Strings, discuss how “Dire Wolf” is only one of many connections between the Dead and Game of Thrones writer George RR Martin, and debut a "Dire Wolf" supercut.


Guests: David Nelson, Bob Matthews, Billy Strings, Jeffrey Alexander, David Lemieux, Gary Lambert, Brian Kehew, Mike Johnson