Out Now: The Doors, THE SINGLES

Friday, September 15, 2017
Out Now: The Doors, THE SINGLES

If you’re a regular visitor to Rhino.com or even if you just occasionally peruse the latest music news, you probably know at this point that 2017 is the 50th anniversary of the release of the self-titled debut album by The Doors. We’ve been celebrating this momentous occasion with several new releases and reissues, but we’re not done yet, as you’re about to discover.

Today marks the release of The Doors’ THE SINGLES, a collection which is being released in four – count ‘em – four different formats:

  • 2-CD – All 20 U.S. singles with their corresponding B-sides, plus four mono radio versions
  • 2-CD/Blu-ray – All the content from 2-CD version plus the 1973 compilation The Best Of The Doors in Quad on Blu-ray for the first time
  • 7-Inch Vinyl Box – All 20 U.S. singles with their corresponding B-sides on twenty 7-inch vinyl 45s with original sleeve art and labels, presented in an ornate, lift-top box. Limited to 10,000 copies worldwide
  • Digital download

Yes, we know, you’re chomping at the bit to find out what tracks are contained on this set…well, unless you’re a diehard Doors fan, in which case you already know the titles of both the 20 singles and their respective B-sides off the top of your head. We want to make sure everyone’s in the know, though, so…here you go!

CD Track Listing

Disc One
1. “Break On Through (To The Other Side)”
2. “End Of The Night”
3. “Light My Fire”
4. “The Crystal Ship”
5. “People Are Strange”
6. “Unhappy Girl”
7. “Love Me Two Times”
8. “Moonlight Drive”
9. “The Unknown Soldier”
10. “We Could Be So Good Together”
11. “Hello, I Love You”
12. “Love Street”
13. “Touch Me”
14. “Wild Child”
15. “Wishful Sinful”
16. “Who Scared You”
17. “Tell All The People”
18. “Easy Ride”
19. “Runnin’ Blue”
20. “Do It”
21. “You Make Me Real”
22. “Roadhouse Blues”
23. “Love Her Madly”
24. “(You Need Meat) Don’t Go No Further”
25. “Riders On The Storm”
26. “The Changeling”

Disc Two
1. “Tightrope Ride”
2. “Variety Is The Spice Of Life”
3. “Ships W/ Sails”
4. “In The Eye Of The Sun”
5. “Get Up And Dance”
6. “Treetrunk”
7. “The Mosquito”
8. “It Slipped My Mind”
9. “The Piano Bird”
10. “Good Rockin’”
11. “Roadhouse Blues” (Live)
12. “Albinoni: Adagio”
13. “Gloria” (Live)
14. “Moonlight Drive” (Live)
15. “Hello, I Love You” (Mono Radio Version)
16. “Touch Me” (Mono Radio Version)
17. “Wishful Sinful” (Mono Radio Version)
18. “Tell All The People” (Mono Radio Version)

The Best Of The Doors (1973)
Blu-ray Track Listing

1. “Who Do You Love”
2. “Soul Kitchen”
3. “Hello, I Love You”
4. “People Are Strange”
5. “Riders On The Storm”
6. “Touch Me”
7. “Love Her Madly”
8. “Love Me Two Times”
9. “Take It As It Comes”
10. “Moonlight Drive”
11. “Light My Fire”

Vinyl Track Listing

1a. “Break On Through (To The Other Side)”
1b. “End Of The Night”

2a. “Light My Fire”
2b. “The Crystal Ship”

3a. “People Are Strange”
3b. “Unhappy Girl”

4a. “Love Me Two Times”
4b. “Moonlight Drive”

5a. “The Unknown Soldier”
5b. “We Could Be So Good Together”

6a. “Hello, I Love You”
6b. “Love Street”

7a. “Touch Me”
7b. “Wild Child”

8a. “Wishful Sinful”
8b. “Who Scared You”

9a. “Tell All The People”
9b. “Easy Ride”

10a. “Runnin’ Blue”
10b. “Do It”

11a. “You Make Me Real”
11b. “Roadhouse Blues”

12a. “Love Her Madly”
12b. “(You Need Meat) Don’t Go No Further”

13a. “Riders On The Storm”
13b. “The Changeling”

14a. “Tightrope Ride”
14b. “Variety Is The Spice Of Life”

15a. “Ship W/ Sails”
15b. “In The Eye Of The Sun”

16a. “Get Up And Dance”
16b. “Treetrunk”

17a. “The Mosquito”
17b. “It Slipped My Mind”

18a. “The Piano Bird”
18b. “Good Rockin’”

19a. “Roadhouse Blues” (Live)
19b. “Albinoni: Adagio”

20a. “Gloria” (Live)
20b. “Moonlight Drive” (Live)

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