Out This Week: Trans-Siberian Orchestra, THE CHRISTMAS ATTIC on vinyl

Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Trans-Siberian Orchestra, THE CHRISTMAS ATTIC

We know the past few weeks have probably been as much of a blur to you as they have been to us, but if you search your mind (or at least this website), you’ll recall how Rhino recently announced the release of the expanded edition of Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s THE CHRISTMAS ATTIC digitally and on CD. When we did so, we also mentioned that the reissue would soon be making its way to vinyl as well, and while you may not remember this to be case, we can assure you that we really did say this, and we also assured you that the LP release was set for November 23.


You just checked your calendar, didn’t you? And when you did, you realized that Friday is November 23, didn’t you? Well, you’re right, that’s exactly what Friday is.


Known to TSO fans as the middle chapter in their Christmas trilogy, THE CHRISTMAS ATTIC revolves around a little girl who spends the night in an attic, dreaming of Christmases past and present. In addition to the many classic carols included on the set, the album also features one of the TSO’s most popular songs: “Christmas Canon.” Oh, and lest we forget, this new edition also offers a previously-unreleased live version of “Christmas Jam,” making it a must-own for all TSO completists.


To sum up, not long after you’ve finished digesting your Christmas turkey, you can give your record player a gift by picking up THE CHRISTMAS ATTIC on vinyl.


You’re welcome, Rhino readers. Happy holidays!

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