Out Tomorrow: Depeche Mode Reissues

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Out Tomorrow: Depeche Mode Reissues

Whenever a band releases a new album, it generally inspires fans to take a step back and give a good listen to all of the other albums in the band’s back catalog. As such, since Depeche Mode released their latest LP, SPIRIT, a few months ago, we’re sure you’ll agree this is a perfect time for us to reissue their first three albums.

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The band’s debut remains arguably the most upbeat, catchy album of their entire career, and that’s easily attributable to the fact that 9 of the 11 songs were written by Vince Clarke, soon to depart for the poppier shores of Erasure. While it’s a tonal anomaly in their discography, you can’t deny the hooks of the songs.

Singles: “Dreaming of Me,” “New Life,” and “Just Can’t Get Enough.”

A BROKEN FRAME (1982): Get it on: Amazon
With Clarke having hit the road, Gore abruptly found himself composing an entire album’s worth of material for Depeche Mode, and with citing specific song titles, it’s fair to say that it was a period of growing pains for both the band and their recently-promoted head songwriter. Nonetheless, the album was strong enough to keep the band going through a time that might well have led other bands to throw in the towel, so they deserve kudos for that alone.

Singles: “See You,” “The Meaning of Love,” and “Leave in Silence.”

CONSTRUCTION TIME AGAIN (1983): Get it on: Amazon
Between a shift in the band’s sound that had been inspired by Gore attending an Einsturzende Neubauten concert and the shift in the lyrics of the band’s songs that had been instigated by Gore’s trip into some poverty-stricken areas of Thailand, this was definitely an important album in Depeche Mode’s musical evolution.

Singles: “Everything Counts,” “Love, In Itself,” and – in Spain – “Told You So.”