Rod Stewart Unveils New Website

Friday, July 8, 2022
Rod Stewart European Tour 1976, Forest National Arena, aka Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, Belgium, Thursday 11th November 1976, Our picture shows , Rod Stewart performing on stage. (Photo by Sunday People/Mirrorpix/Getty Images)

Earlier this week (July 7), Rod Stewart launched his new website, This is the first superstar website to feature an entire museum of song, music and picture memories stretching from Rod’s birth in North London to his Atlantic crossing life to the present day. This launch is any fan’s (and archivist’s) dream. The site is a pioneering example of its kind.

The work has been developed by Rod and Hipgnosis Songs in conjunction with UK digital based agency Modern English, and Supershop in Los Angeles alongside the legendary picture agency Getty Images. The site is a horizontal scrolling parallax timeline with a myriad of animations and close to a 1000 images of Rod Stewart, his band mates, his super star celebrity pals and his loved ones through the years.

The result is an unprecedented fluid experience where fans can enjoy every phase of Rod’s life with the swiftness of a single scroll. It is undoubtedly the full Rod Stewart head-quarters. All in all, Rod is now a game changer in this space, with his site a  total front runner in the world of online artist representation. Plus the site is not a subscription service, it is free to access to all.

"My friends, it’s here!" Stewart posted to the site. "A timeline of my life, and what a life I’ve led. Please take a dive in – this captures so much of what I’ve been up to from family, music, parties, friends, and more from every decade. The pictures had the memories come flooding back for me – maybe they will for you too. I’m so proud of the Official Timeline and can’t wait to update more."

Check it out at