The Young Rascals Share “GROOVIN’” (POOLSIDE REMIX)

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

New York rock group The Rascals (then The Young Rascals) are rolling out their 1967 song of the Summer, “Groovin’,” with a fresh remix by Daytime Disco pioneers Poolside. LISTEN HERE

The GRAMMY® Hall of Fame song is being reimagined with a smooth electronic wash that elevates the tranquil nature of its original sound. Poolside’s remix harmoniously fuses the classic track with French house-inspired filters and synth, complimenting The Rascals’ Latin influence. Jeffrey Paradise of Poolside shared, “We originally included the “Groovin’” edit on the Contact High Mixtape in 2016. We never imagined it would ever get an official release and excited to have it unearthed. This is a song for every summer!”

Reflecting on the track’s continued success, Felix Cavaliere states, “I am very humbled and honored that after 57 years, GROOVIN’ has reached another huge milestone by being certified Platinum. Allowing new audiences to be introduced to our music is amazing. KEEP ON GROOVIN’.”

Gene Cornish adds, “We are so thankful that Groovin’ has reached Platinum status. People all over the world are still enjoying the Rascals' music. This is all that matters.”

Formed in 1965 by Felix Cavaliere (vocals and keyboard), Eddie Brigati (vocals and percussion), Gene Cornish (guitar), and Dino Danelli (drums), the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band emerged as a powerhouse, dominating the Billboard charts with a string of successful singles. In April 1967, The Rascals released their timeless track, “Groovin’,” a baião and R&B-infused song that saw them step away from their traditional garage rock sound.

Written by Brigati and Cavaliere, “Groovin’” was inspired by Cavaliere, who could only see his then-girlfriend each Sunday between a heavy touring and recording schedule. The track was met with commercial and critical acclaim, landing at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was later certified platinum and solidified a place on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s “500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll” list. “Groovin’”’s success spearheaded The Rascals’ evolution into jazz and Latin arrangements, later dubbed “blue-eyed soul.”