Tomorrow: Record Store Day Drop #3

Friday, October 23, 2020
Record Store Day

Wait, what’s this about another Record Store Day drop? Didn’t we just have one last month?
Yes. Yes, we did. And now we’re having another one.
Come on, people, keep up: we’re in the middle of a pandemic, but even despite this terrible fact, Rhino is still trying to make up for the fact that we couldn’t have our regular Record Store Day earlier this year by splitting the releases that we’d planned for that original date over the course of three new dates. Tomorrow is the third of those three dates.
Got it? Good.

Now here’s the list of things that are going to be dropping on Saturday, you can find the list of participating stores simply by visiting, and don’t forget: even though we’re living through a year that seems to have been going on for a millennia, we still have a few months left before the end of 2020, and we’ve still got the annual Black Friday drop yet to go!

•    Alice Cooper – LIVE FROM THE APOLLO THEATER, GLASGOW Feb 19, 1982 – 2-LP on 140-gram black vinyl; limited edition of 7,000 copies, $34.98
•    Dexter Gordon – THE SQUIRREL – 2-LP numbered set with gatefold cover; limited edition of 3,500, $31.98
•    Grateful Dead – BUFFALO 5/9/77 – 5-LP set on 180-gram vinyl with 10th side etching; limited edition of 7,700 copies, $119.98
•    Lou Reed & John Cale – SONGS FOR DRELLA – 2-LP set on 180-gram black vinyl; limited edition of 8,500 copies, $31.98
•    Skid Row – SLAVE TO THE GRIND – 2 x 180-gram red vinyl; limited edition of 3,000 copies, $31.98
•    Various Artists – THE VIRGIN SUICIDES (MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE) – 1-LP on 140-gram dusty pink vinyl with red (blood) splatter; limited edition of 7,500 copies, $21.98
•    Warren Zevon – WARREN ZEVON’S GREATEST HITS (ACCORDING TO JUDD APATOW) – 1LP w/ 12x12 insert featuring liner notes from Judd Apatow; limited edition of 4,500 copies, $19.98