What is Quad?

One of the earliest offerings of what would later be known as Surround Sound, Quadraphonic sound uses four channels and speakers placed in four corners of a room to create signals that are independent of one another.

THE BEST OF ARETHA FRANKLIN and CHICAGO TRANSIT AUTHORITY Quadraphonic DVDs were mastered using the original 4-track Quad mixes as the source material. The original format of the master was a 4-track, half-inch analog tape running at 15 ips. There is not a separate or "discrete" LFE (subwoofer) track, although one can hear (or not hear) the LFE channel based on what settings one chooses on the integrated amplifier.

This DTS DVD features 4 channels of 24-bit, 96 kHz audio (down scalable to 24-bit, 48 kHz).

It can be played back two ways: with Bass Management or without Bass Management. Bass Management sends the sum of the low-frequency information (frequencies below 80 Hz) from the four main speakers to the LFE speaker. If your surround speakers are of the satellite variety, you will want to engage Bass Management on your system to hear the full range of the recording. If your surround speakers are the large, full-range type, then we recommend turning the Bass Management off.