Giveaway: Signed Copy of Bill Kreutzmann's DEAL

Thursday, May 12, 2016
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In celebration of the release of Bill's memoir - DEAL: MY THREE DECADES OF DRUMMING, DREAMS, AND DRUGS WITH THE GRATEFUL DEAD – in paperback on May 31st, we are giving away 10 signed copies of his epic tale.

Everything a rock music fan would expect is here, but what sets this apart is Bill's incredible life of adventure that was at the heart of the Grateful Dead experience. Bill lived life to the fullest, pushing the boundaries of drugs, drums and high times, through devastating tragedy and remarkable triumph.

At this book's beating heart is the music. Some of the greatest musicians and concerts were a part of the Grateful Dead's career, from sharing the stage with Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, and The Who, to playing in the Acid Tests, The Monterey Pop Festival, Woodstock and Altamont. Bill's life is a chronicle of American music and pop culture history and his epic personal journey is one of sonic discovery and thrilling experiences.

Enter to win a copy below. Not feeling so lucky? Pre-order your copy in paperback from Amazon here or Barnes & Noble here.

Subject to Official Rules available HERE.