Spandau Ballet Return With Very Best Of And 3 New Songs

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Spandau Ballet Return With Very Best Of And 3 New Songs

There’s always been something a bit special about Spandau Ballet: even though they may have had a look and a sound that helped cement them as ‘80s artists, a surprising amount of their music had a timelessness to it that’s helped them remain in the memories of listeners long after many of their peers have faded away…and there’s no point in denying it, because you know this much is true.

After blowing away fans, critics, and casual observers during their SXSW appearance, which was their first American performance in almost three decades, and catching the eye of film festival attendees with their new documentary, Soul Boys of the Western World, more than a few journalists have dared to write the words, “Spandau Ballet is back!” For once, it’s not hyperbole: while the band’s new compilation, The Story - The Very Best of Spandau Ballet, is certainly not their first greatest-hits collection, it has three things that none of its predecessors possessed: “This Is the Love,” “Steal,” and “Soul Boy,” a trio of newly-recorded songs by the band, produced by Trevor Horn, the man who twiddled the knobs for “Instinction” way back when.

All told, The Story features 19 songs, including all the songs you’d expect, like “True,” “Gold,” “Only When You Leave,” and the like, but if you’re someone who’s started to reconsider Spandau Ballet in recent months or simply haven’t gotten around to getting anything by them in the past, then this is a great way to start your Spandau Ballet collection.

Here’s the track listing:

1. “To Cut A Long Story Short”
2. “The Freeze”
3. “Musclebound”
4. “Chant No.1”
5. “Instinction”
6. “Lifeline”
7. “Communication”
8. “True”
9. “Gold”
10. “Only When You Leave”
11. “I’ll Fly For You”
12. “Highly Strung”
13. “Round and Round”
14. “Fight For Ourselves”
15. “Through The Barricades”
16. “Once More”
17. “This Is The Love” (new song - single)
18. “Steal” (new song)
19. “Soul Boy” (new song)