Today in ’99: Phil Collins Gets a Star

Tuesday, June 16, 2020
This Day in Music

21 years ago today, Phil Collins secured his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and unlike most people who get such an honor, neither he nor his fans had to pay for it: Walt Disney footed the bill.

In 1999, Collins was between solo albums: 1993’s DANCE INTO THE LIGHT was well in the rear view mirror, and it would be another three years before the arrival of 2002’s TESTIFY. As such, it put him in a position to take Disney up on their offer to have him to the music for their animated adaptation of Tarzan. When the time came for the film’s release, the studio decided that they would pay for the cost of Collins to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, rightfully figuring that it could serve as additional promotion for Collins’ contributions to the soundtrack.

Collins attended the unveiling ceremony with his then-fiancée, Orianne Cevey, his daughters Joely and Lily (yes, that Lily Collins), and their mother – and Phil’s ex-wife – Jill Tavelman. Also in attendance: hundreds of fans, which apparently surprised our man Phil.

“I thought it would just be me, a few people, and the star,” Collins said during his speech. “Silly me.”  

In regards to receiving the star, the Genesis frontman admitted that he was happy about it as much for his kids as anything. “When they have their own children, they will ask, ‘What did Granddad do?’” he said, smirking. “And they will show them my star.”

Or they could play them some of his albums. We’re just sayin’...